About Me

picture of me

    My name is Taihua Li (Ty-hu-ah Lee), and I go by Ray. I am a data scientist working on AI technologies for auto insurance and automotive industries at CCC Information Services. My passion in AI research mainly focuses on,

  • user-centered AI design (data-driven UX design)
  • recommender system
  • mixed-media data modeling

Why Data Science

    When I was in college, I was excited by how economic theories and models can explain real-world phenomena. However, I was puzzled how economists come up with specific mathematical models, which led me to study econometrics and eventually to study machine learning. What machine learning attracts me the most is its ability to discover patterns in historical data using intuitively simple algorithms, such as gradient descent. Furthermore, I am fascinated by how data science as a whole can help organizations transform and better processes, services and products, which directly or indirectly benefit how we live our everyday lives.


A Bit About My Logo


    I am from Quanzhou, Fujian Province, China, and my Chinese name is 李泰华. In Chinese culture, signatures can be represented in several ways, one of which is called a seal. The seal shown on the left is one way to represent my full name, where the character on the right is my last name, 李 (Li), the top-left character is 泰 (Tai), and the bottom-left character is 华 (Hua).